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Reykjavik ICELAND

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Iceland conquering the world

With 40 breweries for 360 000 inhabitants, the density of breweries on Iceland is impressive!. On Iceland it was actually forbidden to sell beer over 2% Alc. until 1989, and after that another ten years would pass before the Icelanders really joined the craft beer revolution.

The guys behind Malbygg started as importers and home brewers i 2011, and in 2012 some of them opened the island's first craft beer bar, getting some real traction in 2013. Still some years later they finally started Mabygg Brugghús, primarily to make beers they liked themselves: strong focus on hops, sour beer and grand stouts. So far most of their production has found its way to thirsty Icelanders, but now they are setting out to conquer the world, starting with Bergen, Norway.

BEER LINE-UP @ BCBF 2020 - available early March

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