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Belgrade SERBIA

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Dogma Brewery

One of the most exciting things about BCBF is discovering new beer territories. I 2019 we discovered among others Romania and Hop Hooligans. Christian from Hop Hooligans tipped us on Serbia and Dogma Brewery, and wadda you know - it was an instant hit.

Vladimir Stojkovic is educated in the food industry, but he soon discovered that becoming a brewer was the thing to do. He opened one of Serbia's first beer bars in 2014 and launched the first beer festival in 2015. Then his childhood friend Mladjen Merdovic showed up with his pockets full of bitcoin and proclaimed they should start a brewery. In 2016 they where up and running in Belgrade, and since then things have only looked up - now they enjoy a solid reputation amongst international brewers and connaisseurs.

BEER LINE-UP @ BCBF 2020 - available early March

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