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Everswinkel, Nordrhein-Westfalen GERMANY

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Brauerei J. Kemker

At BCBF 2019 we showed that there is a lot of exciting new things happening on the German beer scene. So much in fact, that we had to get some more treats for this years festival. Our friends at Schneeeule Berlin tipped us about Jan Kemker as man to watch, and so we did. Jan is located on a farm close to Münster in Nordrhein-Westfalen. He made his first brews as early as 2008, but didn't go all in until 2017. Jan's project is clear: he brews old styles and recipes, uses his own yeast, wooden barrels and makes an effort to make the beers as connected to the local agriculture as possible. Get ready for beautiful, complex beers with terroir!

BEER LINE-UP @ BCBF 2020 - available early March

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